When asked the question, “How are you today,” my Dad always replies, “Never had a bad day in my life,” even if his world is crashing around him.  From you I’ve learned to appreciate the awesome force of optimism.  Thanks Dad!

I want to thank my Mom, who always puts me on a pedestal, even when I don’t deserve it.

Appreciation to my wonderful husband Grant who patiently listens to my crazy ideas, and is a driving force towards helping me manifest my dreams.

Thanks to my amazing daughter Lisa who has, as an adult, become my best friend.  Your enthusiasm and wit are an inspiration to me.

I originally sought out Carryn for physical healing, but she has turned into a guiding force in my life, helping me to make sense of the chaotic chatter in my mind.  Thank you for helping me navigate the trials and obstacles of this incarnation.

I want to thank Todd, who used his awesomely brilliant computer mind to put this together for me, and gave me more than I paid him.

Joanie who, due to her crazy experiences, is a great source of material.  We’ve been friends since the seventh grade, and shared life and death, laughter and pain, love and loss.  Without you to talk to I’d go crazy, I think.

The Infinity girls, Sandy, Bobbie and Cindy, who help keep me grounded and centered, and who are always excited to explore new paradigms, ideas and philosophies.

My high school Creative Writing teacher, Mr. Mensch, who encouraged me to develop my craft and who, although you’ve long since passed, continue to inspire me.

And finally, I’d like to dedicate this work to my nephew Travis, who’s time on this Earth was cut short by tragedy, but who has taught me so much about living life to its fullest, the gift of forgiveness, and the miracle of family.

3 Responses to Acknowledgements

  1. Joanie says:

    Awesome! I loved both of your stories and most of all I really loved the laughter that always comes forth from your incredible humor. Laughter really does heal the soul! Sometimes you don’t know how badly you need it, until you feel the relief afterward. What better calling could you have? Proud of you…. 🙂 Joanie

  2. Donna says:

    Anne, dearest heart! I especially like what you have written in your “About Anne” section. Bravo, and keep your funny bone well oiled. You know so well I began following Norman Cousins’ work in the 1970s, he during that time having cured himself (when no doctors could) through humor therapy. He wrote a book about it. In 1978 UCLA School of Medicine invited him to become a faculty member in this area of therapy and research. The work in this area has blossomed and mushroomed dramatically since that time. But, the truly wise have always known that “Joy is not the absence of sorrow but the presence of The Creator.” Hooray for everything you’ve said and everything you are doing so well as described in “About Anne.” Let us all continue “accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative,” laughing without pause (especially at ourselves), and practicing universal love. Thank you for your fun and positive Blog. Blessings and love, Donna.

  3. Roger and Kristeen says:

    Hey Anne..finally got around to checking out your blog..printed all 18 well and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us..Rog.

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